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Jeremy Neuharth

Jeremy Neuharth, State Bank and Trust, Fargo
Project Manager and Software Engineering Supervisor
State Bank and Trust, Fargo, North Dakota

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems

Job Skills Needed: "It is important to have a balance of problem solving, communication, ability to learn, general task management, and technical skills. Specific technology skills will continue to evolve, and having a solid ability to understand problems and learn new ways to solve them are key skills when working within Information Technology."

Why did you choose a career in IT? "I wanted an opportunity to work with a variety of problems on a consistent basis. IT gave me this opportunity while allowing me to work in an area I was passionate about, technology."

What is a typical day like for you? "Since everyday brings new challenges, there is no typical day; however, I do have somewhat of a routine. The day begins meeting with the team to discuss any unexpected issues and coordinate the day's scheduled workload. The rest of the day is spent planning our future roadmap of work. This includes meeting with the business to insure we are working on their top priorities, and making sure the developers have the information and tools they need to succeed.

What advice do you have for students interested in an IT career? "Get involved in local technology groups as most of these groups welcome students interested in an IT career. There are groups for almost any area of IT and provide a great avenue for networking with other professionals, as well as allowing you to learn what potential employers are looking for."