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Johnathon Rademacher

Johnathon Rademacher, Sundog, Fargo
Executive Vice President of Technology
Sundog, Fargo, North Dakota

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Management and Master of Science, Software Engineering

Job Skills Needed: "Technical skills are just one part of the equation. Listening to clients and translating their needs into a technical solution is my job in a nutshell."

Why did you choose a career in IT? "I've always been interested in games, gadgets and technology. When I started my undergraduate degree I took courses in math, science and psychology. I looked forward to the classes that involved using computers. I also worked as a computer systems analyst and trainer for local businesses to make them more efficient. I enjoyed the work and now I am lucky enough to have a rewarding career in technology."

What is a typical day like for you? "A typical day involves meeting with clients regarding existing projects and future opportunities. I also spend a good part of my day on project work with my team. We discuss ways to solve project challenges and brainstorm solutions. I am in constant communication with the client to ensure the end product meets their expectations."

What advice do you have for students interested in an IT career? "IT is not about computers, it's about solving problems with computers. Having a strong foundation in technology can open the door to careers in many different industries."