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Jordan Pope

Jordan Pope, Nexus Innovations, Bismarck and Fargo
Business Analyst
Nexus Innovations, Inc., Bismarck, North Dakota

Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Management

Job Skills Needed: "It is important to have a basic understanding of the software development process, as well as an ability to identify with the end user's perspective. In addition, it is key to have basic project management knowledge.

Why did you choose a career in IT? "It's something that has been in my family for awhile. My parents started this business about 10 years ago. When I graduated from college I started at a different software development firm and from there decided I was interested in further developing my skills in the family business."

What is a typical day like for you? "Every day is different, which is one of my favorite parts about this job. Throughout the day I may be gathering information for a new project, demoing an application to our customers, testing an end product, or determining where we are sitting financially with our projects. The only constant of each day is a cup of coffee to start the morning."

What advice do you have for students interested in an IT career? "Get as much experience as you can during college. Spend time with an IT professional and have them show you what they do in a typical day and what types of skills are necessary to be successful in their work. The best advice I received was when I sat down with people in the business and found out what they did and why they were successful."