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Seth Arndorfer, Dakota Carrier Network

Seth Arndorfer, Dakota Carrier Network, Bismarck and Fargo
Business Development Manager
Dakota Carrier Network - Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Executive Master in Business Administration

Job Skills Needed: "It is important to understand network planning, cost benefit analysis in the evaluation of IT purchases, and to have an understanding of basic network protocols including Ethernet, ATM, frame relay, private line services, and basic telecommunications infrastructure."

Why did you choose a career in IT? "Initially because there were job opportunities in IT after I graduated from college. But the reason I've stayed in IT is because I've enjoyed the challenges of learning the new technologies and the fast pace of the business."

What is a typical day like for you? "There is no typical day, they are all different. I interact with customers to evaluate their network needs. From a business standpoint, I also develop business and marketing plans in which we establish rate structures of DCN services."

What advice do you have for students interested in an IT career? "The first thing I would recommend is to contact an IT employer to try and get exposure to the field. Secondly, don't just take IT classes, take business classes as well and that will help to expand your career possibilities. Last, develop your communication skills as much as possible. Information technology is fun, challenging and there are a lot of opportunities to come in the next several years in North Dakota."